How this student used sexting to trick his professor to get ‘A’ grade is pure genius!

Sending a wrong text to a wrong person can certainly get you in some trouble. And if that wrong text is a nude selfie, well it can become even worse! A professor escaped by the skin of her teeth after she made one such mistake.

An unnamed student received a message from his professor which had a seductive image and a message asking him if he wanted more. He immediately replied with a yes which would certainly be the obvious option considering that he had a hot professor who hadn’t realised that she was texting the wrong person.

The confusion led to an exchange that ended up with an A grade for that student. The professor had accidently messaged her student in place of her boyfriend as they both shared the same first name.

The student asked for more pictures as he wanted to see more of his professor’s skin.

But how he ended up getting an A grade for that is pretty slick!

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